Something You Should Know About White Tea

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For storage, some significant reminders have to be mentioned. Firstly, a cool, dim and light place is strongly recommended, which means keeping white tea away from the air, humidity, hot objects. It is better if you put your tea in a shady, sealed bottle. Also, tea leaves can easily absorb the nearby aromas, hence, keep your tea bottle away from the strong smells, like coffee or onions.

Additionally, for majority of teas, it is strongly recommended that the tea is to be tasted within 2 years, due to the loss of aromas and taste. However, it is totally different for White Tea, which is able to be stored for 10-20 years, keeping its fresh flavor. What’s more, the longer the tea is stored, the stronger and softer the taste will be. This is thanks to the continuous variation of substances  inside the tea cells.

Therefore, there is proverb about the age of white tea in china: “one-year is tea, three-year is medicine and seven-year is treasure.” It means the white tea still keeps its properties as tea, if it stored for one year, but white tea properties changes to medicine after storing it for three years. Lastly, white tea develop into a treasure after storing it for seven years. In other words, the one-year tea is considered as new White Tea, which is still unfermented completely. Hence, it tastes like green tea with soft flavor. In terms of three-year tea, its properties has been changed gradually with time. At that moment, its tastes and smells like the taste of lotus with a bit of mellow aroma. The seven-year White Tea is recognized as old White Tea with the smell of a Chinese date (jujube), which may develop into the smell of herbs.

Also, its taste may become much mellower and smoother with increased sweetness.


The authentic taste of White Tea is normally sweet, slightly flowery with refreshing character, making them a unique prime choice for to start your day. For good quality White Tea, the taste is not reduced after soaking 10-15 times, if a right brewing method is applied.  

Health benefit

According to many reliable research, the health benefits of drinking white tea are considerable and positive, including weight loss, cancer prevention e.g..

This is as a result of the effect of antioxidant in the tea leaves.

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