Production Process Of White Tea 白茶

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yi zeng

Compared to all types of tea, as shown in the flow chart, White Tea is the least processed (including picking, withering and drying), however it is the most challenging in production.

Picking & withering  

Appropriate leaves are selected meticulously and carefully from the tea plant by hand. After that, the picked leaves are spread out outside in the sun and left in a carefully controlled environment for at least 48 hours (and up to 72 hours), in order to make the plant cell walls soft enough to bring the moisture to the surface. This step also helps the fermentation of a natural enzyme inside the tea cells, keeping the smooth and fresh taste of White Tea.


This step aims to reduce the moisture content of the tea leaves to roughly 4%-5% before the leaves are packaged. In short, the stems of the leaves are cut, before drying the leaves using slow-fire, preventing the continuous fermentation and removing the grassy taste.