A Brief Introduction Of White Tea 白茶

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White Tea, a kind of micro-fermented tea, is one of the six major teas created by Chinese tea farmers. In the process of production, White Tea is only made by drying or simmering on a slow-fire without being rubbed or fixed after picking its leaves.

The main places of origin for White Tea are the Fujian province and the Yunnan province. Among these places, the zhenghe district always have an excellent reputation of quality White Tea. This is because its history in zhenghe district is ancient, which can be traced back to Late Tang dynasty and early Song dynasty with zhenghe already becoming one of the most significant regions in white tea production in the  Song dynasty.

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Zhenghe district is located in the north of the Fujian province and it is adjacent to the southern part of Zhejiang Province. The average altitude of this area is about 400m-1000m, with a peak that is approximately 1597m, which is a contributing special mountain trait of White Tea. Moreover, this hilly area, with a year round rainy climate, delivers enough moisture to condense on the tea leaves. Also, the board houses and covered bridges in the local area are exclusive architecture, which provides a great amount of well-ventilated places for withering White Tea, contributing to White Tea’s unique character and taste.

Above all, our Yitea comes from a vibrant and rich history.

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