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It is a nice thing to have cup of tea with friends or family using high quality loose leaf tea and traditional tea wares. Exquisite teapot let people be unable to pit it down. It is a perfect gift for tea lovers.

Now, you can enjoy 25% off just pay £34 for this special gift set, which originally worth £40. 

Yi Cha Gift Set includes 5 special picked Yi Cha products, and a hand-written card in Mandarin and English for the customsized message you requested.  (Please email, if you need the cusomsized message to be written)

What included in the Gift Set are:

1.Jianware (Worth £18):

Jianzhan, a kind of tea set of royal family in song dynasty, was fired(created) in Late Tang and Five-Dynasties Periods with subsequent flourishing(popular) period in the two Song dynasty. It is not only an outstanding representative of black porcelain, also one of eight famous porcelains in song dynasty. 

Actually, jianzhan is a general term for black glazed porcelain fired in kiln, which is also called ‘Tianmuzhan’ in Japan, Taiwan.

Only the iron-rich muds surrounding the kilns would be chosen as ceramic paste, turning brown after firing. What’s more, the mixture of raw ore glaze, red mud and plant ash would be grinded  into pulp which is the main raw material, before filtering it out. The next step is firing process after selecting its raw material, there are about 13 procedures in this process, including wedging the mud, glazing the porcelain and etc. In reality, the production yield is pretty low, because of the complexity of the firing procedure, such as the control of processing temperature. For instance, a qualified product might select from a thousand products, or even ten thousands.

Each of our Jianware is handmade and the patterns are different, but they all perfect and beatufil. We will randomly pick a nice one for you.



Volume: around 120ml

2.Linen Tea towel with embroidered flower(Worth £2.5)

Tea towel size: 27*26cm

3.Teaspoon filter (Worth £3)

Size: 18cm

4.Lapsan Souchong 30g (Worth £7.8):

Lapsang Souchong is the original Black Tea 红茶 that created 400 years before. It was first created in tongmu region 桐木关 with adequate moisture and fresh air, located in wuyishan city, Fujian province. Actually, only the tea farmers and invited visitors can be permitted to go into this area, which is a natural reserve with sufficient precipitation and sharp differences in temperature.

5.Smoked Lapsang Souchong 30g (Worth £9):

The Smoked Lapsang Souchong Tea is the most traditional form of Lapsang Souchong. The unique smoky aroma, delivered through drying the tea over pinewood fires made it so special. You could not find this taste in any other tea.


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