Jian Ware – Blue Kiln | 建盏-蓝麒麟


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Jianzhan, a kind of tea set of royal family in song dynasty, was fired(created) in Late Tang and Five-Dynasties Periods with subsequent flourishing(popular) period in the two Song dynasty. It is not only an outstanding representative of black porcelain, also one of eight famous porcelains in song dynasty. Actually, jianzhan is a general term for black glazed porcelain fired in kiln, which is also called ‘Tianmuzhan’ in Japan, Taiwan.

Only the iron-rich muds surrounding the kilns would be chosen as ceramic paste, turning brown after firing. What’s more, the mixture of raw ore glaze, red mud and plant ash would be grinded  into pulp which is the main raw material, before filtering it out. The next step is firing process after selecting its raw material, there are about 13 procedures in this process, including wedging the mud, glazing the porcelain and etc. In reality, the production yield is pretty low, because of the complexity of the firing procedure, such as the control of processing temperature. For instance, a qualified product might select from a thousand products, or even ten thousands.

We have Jian Ware with 6 different colours and patterns. This one is called Blue Kiln-蓝麒麟。.

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