Our Story

I grew up indulging in the Tea Culture as my father is a absolute tea person. He drinks tea everywhere, tea is like his water.

My hometown is also the hometown for Lu Yu-the Sage of Tea, he wrote the first definitive work on cultivating, making and drinking tea in his monumental book The Classic of Tea. He said: “tea symbolized the harmony and mysterious unity of the Universe.” In the place that I grew up in, we have the Wu Dang Mountain, which is the original place to Taoism and Taichi.

Then, I went to Hangzhou for University for 4 years, it is the Top Tea Culture City in China, we have a Chinese Tea museum and the most famous green tea, Dragon well, and the best water, Hupao Spring water, for brewing tea.

I treat tea as a great channel that bridges the culture and the people together. I learnt the art of tea in many different places and ways. I went to the village that tea farmers use to grow and process the tea, tasting all different teas in order to choose the best and most meaningful tea to bring to the UK for you all.

Now, I want to let more people know about Chinese Tea and the Tea Ceremony, to appreciate every single elements of tea: the taste, the original growing places, brewing process, the culture behind it, the social effects, the wisdom and deep thought that tea brings to us.

Please join me in exploring a new world of tea and define yourself a new self!