The Health Benefits of Black Tea

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Health benefits


According to a recent study in the US, the vasodilation, or opening of blood vessels, in cardiovascular patients can be increased from 6% to 10% after drinking 4 cups of Lapsang souchong a day. In healthier people, the vasodilation can even increase to 13%. This is because this tea can prevent cholesterol oxidizing continuously by promoting other antioxidant activities inside our body.  

2.Stronger body  

As mentioned, Lapsang souchong is rich in the amount of antioxidants, which is expected to fight the cold or the flu. It is indicated that the properties of antioxidants in this tea can strengthen immunity to stabilize our body. Also, this tea has high levels of compounds called polyphenols, which can have the effect of being an anti-inflammatory.

In short, Lapsang souchong may help us strengthen our body and be able to ward off illness.

3.Cancer prevention  

It is shown that incidence rate of cancer among those who drinks tea frequently is quite low due to the ability of various anti-cancer trace elements inside the tea to kill cancerous cells. In addition, it is acknowledged that the cancer begins with unlimited cancerous cell growth. This can be prevented by antioxidants which could damage the propagation channels of chemical materials inside the cancerous cells.  

4.Caffeine intake

Compared with other types of tea, the amount of caffeine in Lapsang souchong is much less. It is known that a proper amount of caffeine intake can stimulate the nerve center, which can refresh ourselves with renewed concentration. However, the negative impact of intaking too much is noticeable, which may cause unnecessary nervousness and even heart palpitations. Hence, it is suggested that the intake amount of Lapsang souchong should be less than 12 gram a day.  

5.Weight loss

As mentioned previously, there are antioxidants and proper amounts of caffeine contained in the Lapsang souchong tea leaves. However, one more fun fact you may be interested in——the combination of caffeine and antioxidants is good for losing weight because of the acceleration of the metabolism process, burning calories and adipose faster.

For a greater effect, it is strongly recommended that you drink Lapsang souchong after dinner for better digestion. However, try to avoid drinking black tea after 8pm in the evening, which may influence the quality of sleep.

6.Stomach care

In addition, drinking Lapsang souchong can nourish the stomach appropriately, including gastric mucosa protection and stomach ulcer treatment. These effects might get better if some sugar or milk is added into the teacups.